Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Etsy shop open with brand new colorways!

Are you looking for my new colorways?  Until I set up this shop, I'm listing all my new yarns in my Etsy store:

Here's what's new!  All of these colorways can be dyed in any amounts you want.  They are all Penny yarn (75/25 SW merino/nylon 100 g approx 450 yards), soft and sturdy.  Penny is on the skinny side of sock yarn and works up well both as socks and as scarves, shawls, baby items, mitts, blankies, etc. etc.  Needle size ranges from 0 - 5 depending on what kinds of garment you are knitting or crocheting
 Coral.  Lives well with Gold and Walnut.

Gold.  Lives well with Coral, Walnut, Ochre, Clay, Dusk, just about any color that needs a bit of liveliness.


Walnut.  Lives well with Coral, Gold, and Dusk.

Clay.  An amazing neutral color somewhere between brown and green.  Lives with Dusk, Gold, and Ochre.

Dusk.  Deep blue, the color of twilight.  Lives with Clay, Walnut, Ochre, Gold.

Ochre.  A deep gold that lives well with Clay, Dusk, and Coral.

Lilac.  A soft lilac with many tones of the color within it.  Lives with Periwinkle and Purple.

Periwinkle. Somewhere between the blue and purple families.  Lives with Lilac and Purple.

Purple.  Lives well with Lilac, Periwinkle, Dusk, Gold, and even Ochre. 

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